Wednesday, July 2, 2008

where do electric companies get their information?

despite a few halfhearted attempts to get it changed, my electric bill in knoxville always always came addressed to "Kate P" rather than "Kait T". i'm not one to throw a fit over my middle initial as long as it doesn't cause any real billing problems, and so it goes.

however, moving in here, i figured i'd moved on to a phase of my life where my electric bill would come properly addressed... and yet, here it is, first name spelled right this time, P for a middle initial.

does this mean that somewhere out there, my credit history is linked to a universe where my middle name is patricia or penelope? or is dominion power calling up the good old KUB just to ensure they have something to throw on the bill? i'm pretty sure they never asked for my middle name when i called to get service started.

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