Tuesday, July 1, 2008

stuck inside

we're stuck inside today. literally. well, at least for the moment.

jesse, in an effort to improve our energy efficiency, put some silicone sealant around the front door frame last night. before it dried, we got distracted cooking dinner and forgot to open the door again.

sometime around 1 a.m., he realized that we couldn't open the door anymore. much tugging and trying to break the sealing stuff with knives ensued, all to no avail.

while there are some noisier measures to try today, it may come down to needing somebody to work from outside. i'd like to get this solved before jesse decides to weave a bunch of bungees into a rope to adventure his way down from our second story balcony, though. preferably without destroying the door. i'd call apartment maintenance, but i'm a little afraid that gluing your own front door shut has to be a violation of the lease. somehow.

so much for going running this morning. any and all suggestions are welcome!


malachi said...

Maybe it's because I just had some safety training, but what would you do if a fire broke out?

kait said...

um, i guess right now, if the stairwell is obstructed up to our door, it's jump? i think there may be one of the rope fire safety ladders in our future...