Tuesday, July 8, 2008

my scuff muscles hurt

sugarfoot stomp was fantastic. collegiate shag--both single and double, texas tommy, peabody, flea hop, pony trot, blackbottom, charleston... i love my obscure vintage dances, and for once i got my fill. plus i got to see my old southeast crowd (and some fun non-southeasterners!), hung out in asheville, danced to crazy fun music, competed in a solo charleston comp (despite the fact that i knew i was WAY outclassed and would've almost preferred to watch from the front!), and generally had a super-great sweaty time.

i've decided to declare my dance scene as hampton roads. because i live too far away from virginia beach, none of the dancing actually goes on in hampton, and i can't seem to pronounce norfolk properly. (naw-fuhk. yeah.) people will get used to it and figure out that i'm talking about all of the above. or they won't. either way, sticking to it.

on to convincing everyone i know that they want to go to san francisco shag jam in october, so we can really get collegiate shag planted around here...

(and shoot. all dressed to go running, had picked out a brand new route from mapmyrun.com, and now it looks like a storm's moving in. grr.)


Breanna said...

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

My scuff muscles hurt, my funky-yoga-stretch-muscles are still a bit sore, I have bruises from rolling down the hill Sunday night, and I want to do it all over again. Make Michael Texas Tommy with you all over the place and we'll really plant our obscure vintage dances!

PS: Did you leave a phone charger at our host's house? I think Beth has it.

kait said...

michael didn't take the texas tommy class! nor did victor! alas! but collegiate shag, we're so down with. and nope, phone charger wasn't me.