Wednesday, December 13, 2006

first post, maybe last post?

wow. i used blogger pretty consistently probably 3 years ago (after i quit manual-coding an html blog, back before i had any clue that "blog" or even "weblog" was something like a word...), then moved to livejournal for the sake of relative privacy (i don't have much to hide, but somehow i don't always want to share it with total strangers and HR departments... good choice, in retrospect--would i have my current job if they knew how casually i punctuate in private life?!?) and laziness (everybody else's journals on one page!). then came myspace and the need to keep things current there, too. but i signed up for a new blogger account for the sake of being able to comment in other blogger blogs... and suddenly i have a blank blog! and a changed interface to play with! and i can't take leaving it completely blank!

so, um, there you go. not blank anymore. i'll stop rambling, then.