Wednesday, April 23, 2008

unemployment: week 1

last tuesday was my last day of work.

i've been enjoying the leisure -- it's been a long time since i've had a period this long to just be at home. or a period this long off work at all, really. i'm packing some and wrapping up my knoxville existence, but i haven't been able to resist putting some time into staying out later than i normally would with friends, to studying chinese, to jogging in the sunshine, to watching movies... the boyfriend came down to help me pack over the weekend, and that's been the biggest chunk of real work done yet. it's about time to get myself in gear, though.

tonight, i'm teaching my last class for the KSDA. following something of a tradition, it's kinda freeform, featuring things i consider my specialty. problem is, i can't really figure out what that might be. the thing i get asked about most is swivels... i'm still a little hesitant to teach those since i screwed up the rest of my dancing so much for a while when i was learning them, but perhaps tonight's the night. that or pirouette spins... guess i'll see if joey has anything more fun for the guys to play with too.

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