Friday, April 4, 2008


despite a little terror about dancing in D.C. based on going to events there very early in my lindy career, the bands pulled me in this year. and now i'm pretty freaking excited about it!

why the terror? during events, anyway, it tends to be very follow-heavy, and the events are big and overwhelming... plus, it's easy to get shuffled to the side of the floor where all super-jerky-armed leads are. (i truly don't mind dancing with beginners, even get outright delighted when they're having a good time, but i found DC to have more of the painful variety than a lot of places!) plus, last time i was there, i hadn't quite learned to appreciate fast lindy yet... (average D.C. dance tempo is about 150% ours, i'd say. or it was. knoxville's sped up a little lately.) so, last time around (about 2 years ago), i spent most of my time there being too shy to ask people to dance, and having a not-so-wonderful time when i was dancing... basically, doing the slow crumple-into-heap thing that happens when a dance night goes poorly.

now, though, i solo dance or lead when i can't find a lead... and i get really excited about boilermakers and jazz vipers and cangelosi cards and gordon webster and... well, more or less everyone who's playing! whee!

and, um, i made some coffee with a french press earlier, forgot about it for about 20 minutes, and then drank it anyway... i think the caffeine's hitting my system, and i really shouldn't be attempting to write anymore because i'm getting a wee bit spastic. but yay for taking my last two vacation days, and if you're in D.C. this weekend, dance with me!!

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