Friday, April 11, 2008


as lindy hop teachers, we use the term "center" a lot. move from your center, keep your center over your feet, your partner should be connected to your center at all times... it took me a long time to get even an intuitive idea what all this means, and i'm still not quite ready to tackle writing about it explicitly. but amberlynn's dance primer blog recently linked to a blog called dance advantage... and what do you know, the first article i ran into there was a wonderfully technical post all about the center coming from a more ballet/modern perspective. which links to another full-out article on the "centre". geek joy. so if i look like i'm thinking too hard while dancing this weekend, it's probably some kind of meditation on being centered. feel free to snap me out of it -- it's an exchange (ATLX!), time to have fun dancing and quit worrying about technique for a bit!

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Nichelle said...

Ha ha! Gotta love synchronicity! I hope you found some information that was valuable. The partnering aspects of swing and other vernacular styles and of modern dance are actually quite similar. So, there's a lot to be learned from one another!