Tuesday, February 26, 2008

winamp remote

i don't use winamp a lot. it's mostly my previewing-while-DJing software.

still, i updated it the other day. and while updating, it mentioned a little innovation: as long as your home computer is internet-connected, you can get password-protected streaming access to your music library from the interwebs at large. left my laptop on at home today, and i'm trying it out.

thus far it's pretty sweet. fewer interruptions than most web radio i've tried (um, make that "none" so far), and you can even dictate a streaming speed. (i told it to stick to 125 Kb/s so as not to get too spikey on the internet hogging charts here.) my only big issue thus far is that i don't see a "play something random" button and i forgot to port over any long randomized playlists, so i'm having to actually pick what i want to hear -- less awesome for background soundtracking, but easily remedied.

'k, back to being overwhelmed by all the stuff that didn't magically get done while i was out sick yesterday.

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