Saturday, February 23, 2008

*cough* *hack* *watch videos*

this morning, yesterday's teensy little sore throat blossomed into a big, icky chest cough. i was supposed to go see intimate apparel at UT's clarence brown theater tonight with some friends, but after getting back from an ill-advised trip to the gym, i realized that (a) i'm tiring out a lot more easily than i normally would (as in getting winded walking down the hall... why was i even at the gym?!?) and (b) nobody wants to sit next to the cougher. so the plan is go to bed super-early.

before making it to bed, though, i popped onto the internet to look up the virginia beach dance venue where the boyfriend's headed tonight... and while i was there, kept looking for itchy videos. didn't find any yet, but i found one i hadn't seen of al minns (yes? leon's the one with the tiny, sharp arm/hand motions, yeah?) demonstrating the camel walk with a pretty different style than i've seen:

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