Tuesday, January 15, 2008


an example of my mom's charming eccentricity...

on the way out the door yesterday evening, despite the fact that i've just come through and mooched laundry, a weekend's worth of food, a few audiobooks, and a pair of socks (forgot to put a pair on before packing up), mom asks, "do you need anything?"

nope, i don't, not really. after turning down a list ranging from extra blankets to laundry detergent to paper towels, i finally manage to shrug out that i keep forgetting to buy myself a new toothbrush.

i kid you not, she runs upstairs, two minutes later she's back with a brand new toothbrush... and not one of the free-from-the-dentist's-office basics, either; this one has full claims to special bristle action or whatever it is that's hot in toothbrush technology these days.

amazing. mystifying.

thanks, mom.

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