Sunday, January 6, 2008


i finally caught up on posting photos from, oh, the last three months or so. avs and lindy focus and the mentor reunion. nothing like a new camera to inspire a little enthusiasm! however, those latter two sets are off the new camera -- so there's a lot more playing around with settings and making friends with the camera than actually watching to get good shots. jesse picked it largely based on how i like to shoot -- dark and blurry's my specialty since i can't stand the harsh point&shoot flash. so now i have a camera with image stabilization built in. it comes out... a little interesting. more is in focus, but some of the "ghosting" is a little odd. like here:

featuring gina & todd in the invitational jack & jill at lindy focus. check how todd's foot got disconnected from his leg!

anyway, hoping to finish reading the camera manual and play around some with the fun new features today... it's cool, but i wanna be able to control it!

(oh, oh, and john, the other person playing around with cameras at the mentor reunion, told me about a point&shoot flash diffuser. i have one on order... we'll see if it helps me overcome my dark and blurry fixation.)

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