Wednesday, January 16, 2008

sing, sing, sing!

thanks to swingdjs, i know that it's the 70th anniversary of benny goodman's famous 1938 carnegie hall concert.

i happen to be DJing our swing dance tonight.

i'm currently trying to decide whether playing the full 12-minute version of "sing, sing, sing" will get me murdered.

(i have to pack for a crazy early flight to L.A. tomorrow, so i wasn't planning to drag out the end of the dance, but this one might be worth sticking around a little into the "off-duty" time after 10 p.m...)


Alex said...

Viva Benny Goodman!

I played the full version of "Sing Sing Sing" on a couple of occasions when I was a WTTU DJ, but of course that was different and I wasn't expecting many people to dance to it all the way through.

People would probably hurt you, but it would still be fitting to play the whole thing.

Just don't make the mistake of playing the entirety of "Honeysuckle Rose" as you'll really get murdered.

kait said...

i always loved tuning in to totally random stuff on wttu...

and i survived! actually, keith wound up being the only one present with laptop and full carnegie hall version... i forgot to stop by for wireless on the way to acquire it. but we made a special announcement at 10 p.m. that this was commemorative and 12 minutes long and to TAKE TURNS dancing :) (that's the main reason sing, sing, sing is considered evil in lindy hopper circles -- it's pretty close to the anaerobic threshold for the way most of us dance, it's super-long, and it's well-known enough that those who don't dance assume it's what we want to hear.) anyway, it worked out great -- a fairly solid jam circle through the main chorus, then several couples wandering on and off the dance floor throughout all the crazy solos. good times.