Friday, November 7, 2008

today's collected short ramblings

  • 08:27 Testing? -from phone
  • 08:33 at work early, playing with porting from twitter to the blog...
  • 08:36 it occurs to me... i started tntech more than 10 years ago. that means more than ten years of process names, status updates, etc.
  • 09:15 one more test post...
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edit: ok, it works, yay. now switching post time to late evening. not sure how much i'll use this, but i have a twitter account i never really use for anything, so why not?


Aaron V. said...

you're not following me!

kait said...

fixed! part of the reason i hadn't been bothering with twitter, though, is that the rss feed i was using to follow folks on google reader broke several months ago... need to figure that out again, i guess.