Sunday, November 23, 2008


back in probably 1994 -- beginning of high school-ish, i guess -- i talked my parents into buying me a freakin' huge backpack (or so it seemed at the time... i hadn't yet encountered hiking/hosteling backpacks). because high school books were big. i think it was something like $40, which at the time seemed ridiculous, but it had a lifetime warranty.

i carried it all through high school and college. recently, with the advent of daily adventures on the bus, i started carrying it again. the right strap, the one that gets twisted off the shoulder a lot when i'm reaching for something in the bag, started to fray. i looked up the address.

i sent my decade-plus-old backpack back to the company for warranty repairs.

just got it back. new straps, and i think they patched up a couple other places that had looked less than new.

so yay eastpak. and yay for the parents for getting a pretty great deal.

and now my laptop bag is getting torn up... no such warranty on it, alas. maybe i'll just get one of the protector pockets and use the old eastpak when i need to bring it along.

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