Monday, May 12, 2008


all that was in the cube is now, more or less, in the middle of the new apartment's living room. i'm currently slacking at the library for the sake of an internet connection; the power at the apartment's off while the electric company gets it switched to my name. going exploring again is tempting, but it's cold and rainy and i really think i'd just as soon stay indoors for a bit and do some of the important stuff like getting my address changed all over the internets until it's safe to go home. (and, er, some of the not-so-important stuff, like catching up on the discussion boards.)

before everything arrived, i spent most of thursday wandering around downtown norfolk in the rain and avoiding worst of the rain by spending several hours in the chrysler museum. it's very cool; they've made "the cannonball trail," a big path around town cutting near all the historic areas. i managed to walk enough to make my legs pretty sore.

we went to a dance in virginia beach saturday night. it was planned quickly as a fundraiser for local disaster relief (tornadoes tore up the area a few weeks ago) and was up against a monthly richmond dance, so it stayed pretty small, but good fun nonetheless. jesse's signed us up to teach a couple intermediate lessons later this month, so i'm eager to get a better feel for the local scene and where we can fit into it...

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