Wednesday, May 28, 2008


i want better lines.

i'm not really sure how to go about getting 'em. best guesses = grab a private with someone who looks great, and get over it and start using video more to get instant feedback on what i look like. a lot of photos i see of myself these days have this slightly awkward look that makes me cringe a little, and i want to get rid of it. here, i'd say it's mostly just too much turnout and stiff looking arms? and i keep seeing weird amounts of tension around the neck, too. but anyway. yet another set of stuff to work on. (forget looking fat or making weird faces in photos... dancing's given me a whole new set of things to pick at myself for!)

any good tips out there?

btw, this one's from the swing dance competition in williamsburg on saturday. jesse and i came in third. the whole weekend was an awesome time -- if this was a mini-exchange, i can't wait to see vblx. the photo was taken by andy nishida.
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Aaron V. said...

I like this book

Amber said...

I would videotape myself, and watch for specific things I can change. It's a lot easier to work on what you look like when you SEE what you look like.

kait said...

thanks, both of you :) book going on the amazon wishlist... and i officially hate watching video of myself, but i agree it's soooo useful.