Wednesday, September 9, 2009

august-september - the organized overview

once again, it's been long enough since posting here that i can't figure out how to attack. so here's the quick, organized, chronological version of things since the last time i wrote here, with memory supplemented by google calendar and twitter feed:
  • camp hollywood in l.a.
  • development of obsession with farmer's market and random food experiments
  • entering the heart of hurricane season, which is thus far mild but still features enough flooding for a little adventure and further development of my heavy rain phobia
  • international lindy hop championships in d.c.
  • bike stolen
  • half marathon survived
  • new folding bike!
upcoming excitement:
  • dirt cheap blues (ok, so i'm not much into blues and therefore not that excited, but i am looking forward to seeing people and need to clean up the apartment TONIGHT so we can host, so i'd better work on the enthusiasm.)
  • jesse gets 2 weeks off for minor surgery?
  • new phone - what should i choose?
  • CSA subscription starts!
  • further adventures to NYC on the chinatown bus
and on to the omnidirectional rambling. maybe. (and maybe i should split it up into a few posts.)

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