Tuesday, January 20, 2009

half a year, illustrated

i'm uploading something like half a year's worth of photos today. not that i've had my camera out all that much. and it shows -- most of the ones i took toward the end of 2008 are extra-super-blurry. i still hate using my flash, but i've gotten worse at making things come out clear anyway. while i'm waiting on the rest to get to flickr, i'll post a few random shots...

in honor of the inauguration tomorrow, here's the photo i meant to post on election day, of people lined up outside the polling place in the rain:

the battleship across the street from my office:

at least the current apartment clutter is a little bit better than this, from when we'd moved in most things but unpacked almost nothing:

a heron in the park a few miles from here where i liked to go running back when it was warmer:

jaredan and davenne dancing in the park when michael q. and i took the crazy road trip down for chatta-atl-nash-knox-nooga-ville:

joanna, airborne during the charleston comp at lindy focus:

the roanoke star! (from the week i spent there training for my job in september):

husband and johnny in the interlude between nicci's wedding and the reception:

bush sr. speaking during the commissioning for the ship named after him:

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