Tuesday, September 23, 2008


i've been reading the paper newspaper a bit at work... it gets delivered to the office, and it's good for keeping up with local agency information that ought to find its way into our database. one thing that strikes me as kinda cool about the virginian pilot is that they're totally unintimidated by pointing their readers to the web... and if it's a long URL, they just send everybody to a tinyurl. i haven't exposed myself to real print media on a regular basis in years. is this the standard now? or are they just that smart?

(they also tend to use google maps with pinpoint locations in their online edition. i'm a little more ambivalent about that... not so sure i want to know exactly how close to my place last night's robbery was...)

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Aaron V. said...

I can't say I've really been keeping up on printed newspapers, but I doubt that's very common. It's cool though! Here in San Diego, our our public radio station KPBS has been using some cool new technology: they organized the google map for tracking the wildfires last year, and they have (and make good use of) a twitter account!