Wednesday, June 25, 2008

squeaky wheel

we had put in a complaint about the oven... the door was a bit warped, so it didn't seal properly, and thus tended to heat up the entire kitchen more than it did food.

i knew that the maintenance guy had been out to look at it. i knew that he hadn't been able to do much. i knew he'd hinted that we should put in a second maintenance request, just to see what happens.

i had not the slightest suspicion that while i was sitting here in my pajamas this morning, a couple of men were hauling a brand new stove up the stairs. surprise new appliances are fun.

sometimes, our apartment complex kinda rocks. it's not one of the ritzy gated communities, but it's a good location, rent's entirely reasonable, we have a gorgeous view, and thus far they've been really nice. that counts for a lot.

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