Sunday, March 23, 2008

almost caffeine day!

well, really, my laptop says it's 6 minutes to midnight. my laptop doesn't realize we're in another timezone, though. and i doubt that it would be favorably looked upon here, chez les parents, to go wandering into the kitchen to brew a cup of coffee this time of night anyhow. anyhow, if you see me tomorrow and i'm a bit spastic, it's normal easter sunday procedure.

today was gorgeous, sunny and 60 degrees, which if you ask me is a bit too cool for ambient temperature but absolutely perfect for running. i'm sure mumbling to myself the entire time really helps with the keeping up appearances as a sane member of society, but studying chinese while running is my new favorite pacing mechanism -- being able to talk in one-sentence chunks means staying in an aerobic but not-very-arduous heart rate zone, and i don't get bored. (lately, runs have had the tendency to turn into sprints and walking... which is also good, and winds up with about the same average pace, but it feels very different.)

oh, and my friend judson sent a link -- someone's put up a statue of the flying spaghetti monster in front of the crossville courthouse. i may have to make a quick pilgrimage on the way back to knoxville tomorrow.

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