Monday, October 22, 2007

happy 30th to shannon!

this is not the most amazing and beautiful photo of shannon. she is much better looking in real life. so am i, or at least i aspire to be. so are shannon's long-term best friends, sister, and nephew. i hate my flash, but i wanted to be in the group and i didn't trust anybody else with my normal dark and blurry photo settings. and besides, when you're dressed to imitate how you would've dressed at age 8 if only your mother had let you out of the house wearing hot pink lipstick and five colors of eye-shadow, amazingly beautiful might not exactly be the desired effect...

yay for shannon, who had the awesomest rollerskating party i've been to in decades!
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Shannon said...

I don't know, Kait. I think we look pretty damn sexy.

kait said...

whoa! there IS somebody out there!

and yeah, maybe we look sexy... but if only the rest of the world could've seen us live! :P